Personal Protection K-9s

Personal Protection K-9s

Personal Protection K9

In a world wrought with increasing threats to life and property, we must be vigilant and take personal responsibility for our safety and that of our loved ones. No longer can we just assume a potential assailant will just walk away simply because we don't appear to be an easy target. As violent people become bold and more willing to act out their sadistic and evil intents, we must be willing to deploy all possible legal means of protecting ourselves.

Social Protection Dogs

We develop social personal protection dogs who are trained to identify and quickly react to mitigate direct threats to their handler and loved ones. A social personal protection dog is an excellent asset to their human family because they are able to travel enter many public areas where dogs are commonly accepted. Contrary to what many people perceive, a personal protection dog must be social. A social and psychologically stable dog makes the best personal protection dog. Properly raised and trained protection dogs are fun, safe and work well in public. No need to lock them away when you have company or worry about them randomly biting someone in public for no reason. We DO NOT train fear biters or dogs with nervous tendencies for protection work. Our imperative is to train dogs we would trust around our close friends and family without necessitating direct supervision at all times.

Real-World Training

Personal protection training is focused on practical real world training most effective at thwarting a violent individual. Perpetrators aren't trial decoys and training should reflect that; down to how a personal protection dog engages and neutralizes a threat. To learn more about personal protection K9 training or available dogs, Contact us now!