Isa Miral Bella-Exogenic Arma Contra Malum

Isa Mira Bella

Isa Mira Bella
D.O.B. 01/05/2017
Weight: 64 lbs
Intent: Dual Purpose
Certifications: Explosives training in spring 2019
Titles: KNPV training in progress
Hip & Elbow Certs: OFA cert. in spring of 2019.
Sociability: Very social


Being of exceptional build and drive, Isa is a social and confident young dog who enjoys working and very teachable! Amongst our young dogs, she is by far the easiest to work with and makes every training session fun. A daughter 2011 NVBK CAT 2/CAT 1 champion fun du boise d la limite and a grand daughter of A'Tim, Isa has strong full grips and a high civil drive rarely seen so early on. We expect Isa to develop into an exceptional bitch on and off the working field.

Pedigree References