Deimos Vuxta Novit Limitem-Exogenic Arma Contra Malum

Deimos Vuxta Novit Limitem

Kratos Vuxta
D.O.B. 9/23/2016
Weight: 72lbs
Intent: Dual Purpose
Certifications: Explosives imprinting underway.
Titles: KNVP/PSA in progress
Hip & Elbow Certs: OFA evaluation in fall of 2018.
Sociability: Very social


Deimos is a son of top ranked NVBK Cat 2 Ringstar F-Kuno and out of Gaya La Polvere Nera. Overall well rounded, social and possessing solid nerves. Deimos is a very confident and athletic malinois with exceptional prey drive, high defense threshold and full grips in his bite work. Having a strong desire to please and work with his handler, Deimos excels in his obedience training quickly and is handler submissive. Being a great-grandson of A'Tim, Deimos exemplifies a good balance in his drives which makes his ongoing drive develop enjoyable and a pleasure to watch as he continues to mature. Displaying exceptional confidence to clear fences, pursue bites through tunnels and over a variety of surfaces, Deimos exemplifies stable nerves and determination no matter what he faces.

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