D'Nemesis l'Mystique d'Nyx-Exogenic Arma Contra Malum

D'Nemesis l'Mystique d'Nyx

D'Nemesis l'Mystique d'Nyx'
D.O.B. 11/3/2015
Weight: 71lbs
Intent: Dual Purpose
Certifications: Explosives training in progress
Titles: PSA title in progress
Hip & Elbow Certs: OFA evaluation in Fall 2018
Sociability: Very Social


A big and stout, yet very social dog, Nemesis lives to work! Her high prey drive and love of the fight is a natural compliment to her exceptional athleticism and desire to please. When faced with new challenges, she consistently works through them with enthusiasm. Nemesis possesses a high level of neutrality to gunfire, loud noises and other environmental factors. We anticipate her fully developing into a top level dual purpose dog with exceptional qualities she is likely to pass on to future generations!

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