Our Training Approach

Irrespective of breed, training is our passion. Whether its obedience, detection, or protection work, we enjoy seeing the dogs we work with develop to their full potential. Nothing brings us more joy or satisfaction than seeing dogs succeed and enjoy their work when they have an epiphany and understanding of what we are aiming to achieve.


Our approach to training is one founded on a comprehensive 360 degree approach to the dog/handler relationship. We do not believe in shortcuts or forced compulsion training that aims to generate instant results. In our experience spanning multiple animal species, results achieved through forced training are short-lived at best and not unsustainable unless the force is continued.

Training should be stimulating, engaging and rewarding for dogs. Our goal is to build drive in the dog and set them up for success through a tailored approach aimed at meeting them where they are now, not where we would like them to be. After all you must train the dog that is before you now in order to attain the dog you envision for the future.

No training is worth the time unless it sets the dog up for success. We believe setting a dog up for success means understanding their innate drives; the very thing which motivate them to want to perform; working within the framework of those drives to achieve a positive outcome in partnership with dog is central to how we train.