Exogenic Arma Contra Malum-Who We Are

At EACM K-9, we focus on delivering excellence and value in training to our clients and undoubted quality in breeding highly-capable working K-9s. We commit to produce exceptional working dogs who possess strong drives, superior working ability and a social nature that makes them a pleasure to work with. We work with clients regardless of their dog's breed or type of dog to help them achieve success and a happy productive human-dog relationship. Regardless of a dog's purpose; sport, working K-9 or family companion, we understand the cornerstone to success as handlers begins with understanding each dog's innate drives and building a happy healthy relationship with them which fosters learning and positive training outcomes. To learn more about our specific services, check out our breeding and training!

Our Purpose

Every day we hear about another possible act of terror motivated by evil; a new drug problem hitting the youth, destroying families and causing billions of dollars in damage. We have not even begun to measure the health and emotional impact these vehicles of unspeakable evil have on our communities and families. You may be asking yourself how this ties into a mission statement

Mission & Purpose

Our mission is fully encapsulated in our name...Exogenic Arma Contra Malum- “natural weapons of earth deployed against evil”. From our mission our purpose is disseminated; to diligently fight the good fight against emerging threats of evil made evident through illicit substances and explosives intended destroy innocent lives. Where modern technology falls short, the K-9 excels.

Our Focus

We will fulfill our purpose and see our mission actualized through the well-planned acquisition, punctilious breeding, conditioning and rigorous training of genetically hardened K-9’s who are of sound mind, resolute nerves and unwavering drives necessary to succeed in a fast changing world. Whether they are intended for real-world work in our communities or as the family protector and competition athlete, we will produce K-9s suited to succeed in the work which awaits them.

-Exogenic Arma Contra Malum