Working K9 Genetics

Working K9 Genetics

Exogenic K9 Genetics

Good genetics are the foundation in what we aim to achieve with our dogs regardless of purpose. They mean the difference between a long healthy life and one that plagues our dogs with health complications and short lives. We breed for strong genetics which manifest through our dogs' excellent confirmation, mental soundness, unwavering drive and confident personalities. As breeders, we take our time to carefully study the genetics of our dogs and outside dogs in an effort to plan the best possible breeding. Too often we see breedings undertaken purely based on stud popularity with little consideration to what the female brings to the breeding or whether the resulting litter will achieve the goal of improving the breed. That is why we commit to thoroughly understand our own dogs and any outside stud we may consider breeding with. If we aren't improving the breed and producing talented dogs with long working lives, then we are falling short as breeders.

Borrowing from our extensive experience in multi species animal genetics, we bring the same rigorous study, documentation and research to our working dog program. Our intense focus on genetics is aimed at identifying on a genetic level the driving DNA force behind such traits as sociability, drive, grip and nerves. Superficial understanding of genetics does a disservice to the future generations of working dogs we as breeders produce and to the handlers who entrust their safety and success to our dogs.

That is why we focus on strict data collection efforts in order to help us develop a deeper understanding of K9 genetics as it pertains to our dogs and the working dog at large. Such due diligence helps us improve our breeding and selection process as we continue to plan breedings and source outside lines to continue producing future generationas of exceptional working K9’s.