Exogenic Planned Breedings Exogenic Planned Breedings

Planned Breedings

Our breeding plans reflect our dedication to quality over quantity, which is why you will find our planned breedings are limit. We devote our time to training as well as breeding. Its our conclusion experience that being intimately involved in training helps us better understand the characteristics and capabilities of our dogs so that we can improve upon with each planned breeding through a careful selection process. Check out our planned breedings for 2018/2019 breeding season.

Officially Planned Breedings
Year Selected Bitch Planned Date Stud Approx Due Date
2018 D'Nemesis l'Mystique d'Nyx 09/03/2018 Ringstar F-Kuno 11/06/2018
2018 Banshee d'Guardo e Protecao 11/1/2018 Dovre Fjeld HITS 01/04/2018
2019 Isa Mira Bella 09/03/2018 Haras van D'Acren 4/10/2019
2019 Jynx Malum Avec Veritas 04/12/2019 TDB 06/15/2019
2019 Quennelle d'Guardo e Protecao 10/07/2019 TDB 12/10/2019
2019 D'Nemesis l'Mystique d'Nyx 06/12/2019 Ringstar F-Kuno 08/15/2019
2020 Banshee d'Guardo e Protecao 03/01/2018 Fun du Boise de la limite 05/04/2020
Year Selected Bitch Planned Date Stud Approx Due Date